What is the Minnesota Memory Project ?

The Minnesota Memory Project is a first of its kind registry to track aging adults of Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

The Minnesota Memory Project has three main goals:

  1. To collect information on memory changes associated with aging in the presence and absence of brain disease
  2. To collect information from caregivers about the health effects related to caring for individuals with memory loss
  3. To connect interested participants with cutting edge research studies

Facts about memory loss:

  1. On average, Alzheimer’s disease is not diagnosed until three to five years after the onset of first symptoms.
  2. Experts believe that the early detection of memory loss, along with early intervention, provides the greatest opportunity to delay or stop additional damage to the brain.
  3. Understanding how memory changes as we age both in the presence and absence of brain disease can help us identify ways to make earlier diagnoses, identify risk factors of memory loss, and develop programs to prevent it.
  4. Memory loss affects our loved ones. Caring for someone with memory loss can increase the risk of depression and other health issues.

Enrollment in the Minnesota Memory Project is now closed.
Please call 651-495-6262 if you are interested in learning about other research opportunities.